About Us

Welcome to FrogFest! A Calgary-based community of artists collaborating to create a fabulous annual music and arts festival - FrogFest Festival - amongst other events and hoppenings throughout the year. There are myriad of individuals who have helped to make FrogFest the wonderful community organization that is has become. Here is a little bit about who we are.

The FrogFest Board of Directors

Jamey Lougheed

Festival Director

Jamey has been with FrogFest since its inception in 2005. He works year in and year out to help FrogFest maintain its diversity and spirit. Being a gigging musician (The Wheel, The Band Called Life Puzzler, Noir YYC, Purple Ryan and the Beautiful Ones, HOLGANS) and an avid concert-goer he is hyper-involved in Calgary’s blossoming music and arts scene. You’ll probably see him round town dancing at a show or skateboarding whilst groovin to a Grateful Dead concert <3
Daniel Bourassa

Treasurer / Venue Manager

Frogfest is a community I have been part of for over ten years now. Never could I have imagined what it would become when we innocently came up with the name and organized the first event all those years ago. It’s the most creative and collaborative artist team I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of, and am incredibly proud of what we continue to accomplish every year. If you are out and about in Calgary, these days you may catch me around performing with “The Bitterweed Draw” or “The Mantle”. The rest of the time you will find me plucking my bass at night, or cutting some wood during the day!
Duncan Kenworthy

Vice President / Production Coordinator

When he isn't busy sliding shirtless in the mud, running cables under a make-shift flatbed trailer stage, while drinking out of a watermelon; Duncan works as an Audio/Visual & Event Production Technician with Calgary Show Services.
As an advocate and avid supporter of the local arts and music community, Duncan has been providing technical assistance for the past decade to a variety of ventures. Such as the Summereood Warren Collective, Mukwah Jamboree, Beakerhead, MTT & the End of the World Fests. His primary area of focus is in audio/visual production, but he is willing to lend a hand to any area required to bringing an event together when needed. He values fostering collaborative community-minded projects and is driven to support these in any way possible.
Evan Webb

Secretary / Web Designer

Evan is a dreamer and a lover of life who found his way to the FrogFest community through his long-time school buddy, Jamey Lougheed. After joining the Haggard Beat and discovering the majesty of Randy's Rocky Mountain paradise, he committed himself to helping make FrogFest a bonifide music festival.
Mike Corbeill

Board of Directors / Marketing and Promotions

Mike Corbiell is a Calgary based musician and community builder. You may see him around town picking a banjo, a guitar, or singing in Calgary bands The Bitterweed Draw or The Wheel, out in the backcountry either hiking or on his splitboard, or maybe just enjoying a delicious pint at one of Calgary's great live music venues. Most importantly, Frogfest is his favorite weekend of the year and he is looking forward to sharing it with you!
Jess Wittman

Board of Directors / Communications Advisor

A feeler of music and art with a love of their parity with life’s pulse, Jess is inspired by the creation process and is happiest with her hand in many pots at once. She is involved in the music and arts community in Calgary and is an ardent supporter of local initiatives and events focused on building positive and inspiring creative changes for our fair and talented city.
Nikki Emerson

Board of Directors / Visual Art Director

Nicole Emerson is a multimedia artist that received her BFA with a major in sculpture in the Calgary Alberta where she currently resides. Nicole's investigation through her work acts as an outlet for her inspiration highlighted by Travel, Nature and her attempts to understand this curious reality. Moral guidelines and spiritual details are emphasized through her manipulation of recycled and reused materials creating contemporary objects and visual spaces for community members to share in and enjoy. Currently Nicole is investigating the world of fiber and the relationship within texture and form. Pulling inspiration from Valerie Blass, The Womb Gallery and the average couch pillow Nicole’s current work has taken a turn into the world of inviting vibrant objects.

The FrogFest Production Crew

Patrick Palardy
Our Main Stage Sound Engineer who's extensive expertise and experience has provided us with impecable sound, and deep insightful philosophical discussions for the past four years. The sonic alchemist that he is, Pat has discovered the perfect harmonious balance of work & party, and maintains a great attitude throughout the fest; he even finds time to crush opponents at chess!
Patrick has been mixing live shows for over 10 years, working for such venues and bands as MacEwan Hall, Flames Central, Grey Eagle Casino, Reuben and the Dark, Groove Academy, and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. He opened a recording studio 2 years ago and has had the pleasure of working with some of his favorite bands, including Frog Fest staples like The Bitterweed Draw, Luke Thomson and Laser Cake.
Duncan Kenworthy
Eric Jessee
Eric joined us last year and jumped right in helping out as our Side Stage Sound Engineer and Production support. His hard working attitude, dedication to perfection, and positive demeanor throughout the long, demanding hours make him a pleasure to work with.
As a technically minded musician, Eric has found his niche in the production industry over the last two years. With experience at venues such as The Palomino, Nite Owl, Mac Hall and as a full time tech for Calgary Show Services, he is ready to lend his hand in making Frog Fest the best it can be!

The FrogFest Video Crew

Falkor Media
Falkor Media is a Calgary based company, specialized in video, photo and audio production. Comprised of Hans Grossmann, Phil Jukes and Matt Cookson, these videographers focus on the production of music videos as well as filming live music and performances from local venues to large scale festivals. Having all met in film school in 2008, they have shared a strong devotion to both film and music. Since graduation they have all set out to explore the possibilities of those fields together. Having collaborated on a multitude of projects expanding over diverse genres, Falkor Media continues to grow with the ever expanding music and art communities it collaborates with.