FrogFest Volunteer Application


Frogfest is volunteer run and we’ve had wonderful experiences working with our volunteers each year – volunteers help to make FrogFest the incredible festival that it has become. It’s great to work with a team that is solution based!

Do you want to volunteer with the FrogFest Music and Arts Festival 2017?

Volunteers generally do two 4 hour shifts throughout the weekend in exchange for a festival pass. If you would like to be considered for a volunteer position with FrogFest please answer the following questions in an email to

  • Have you attended FrogFest before? If yes, which years?
  • Did you volunteer any of those years? If yes, which years?
  • Are you available for the entire festival, if not, what days are you unable to volunteer?
  • What other volunteer experience do you have?
  • Do you have any specialized skills?
  • Why do you want to volunteer for FrogFest?

Once approved we will be asking everyone for a priority list of bands they would like to see (the line-up should be announced by then) and we will do our best to accommodate everyone so no one will miss their favorite bands!