About Frogfest

Frogfest has been many things over the years, but it has evolved into a three-day celebration of music, art, and our beautiful home on the footsteps of the Canadian Rockies. For the 8th year running, the festival takes place in The Boreal Forest of Clearwater County near Rocky Mountain House, AB on a remarkable piece of land which offers many wonderments to behold. Thanks to the kindness and hard work of the land's benevolent owner, Frogfest has been able to thrive on these fertile plains.

Guests of the festival will be able to camp on these lands in designated areas while the festivities are under way. We ask that everyone brings the essentials for camping, and be prepared as the area is known for some impressive storms and hot summer days.


In consideration for attendance at Frog Fest, the proprietor of any attendance ticket does hereby release and forever discharge Frog Fest, its directors, property owners, performing artists and volunteers, jointly and severally, from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims, and demands for, upon, or by reason of any damage, loss or injury, of any kind or nature, which may be sustained by attending the festival.

Please comply with the rules and directions of the event facilitators and their personnel, and be aware of the necessary provisional requirements and safety procedures for all camping activities.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited at the mainstage/side stage area.


Follow the froggy...


  1. Don't beat up the bush:you are more than welcome to bring your own supply of firewood, as there will be bundles available for purchase, but please do not burn any surrounding forest, fallen or standing.
  2. Be aware and respectful of different lifestlyes:Please keep your habits to yourself, there will be families attending the festival.
  3. Be responsible for your vehicle:It is very important to keep the parking lot entrance clear at all times, be aware of where you leave your vehicle and please don't idle. Try to minimize the use of your vehicle altogether. Camping in the parking lot will not be allowed for safety reasons.
  4. No rock-ring fires:fires are only allowed at the communal fire pit at the stage area and campsites with pre-existing pits.
  5. Be aware of wildlife:these are the majestic Alberta Rockies, be responsible with your storage and disposal of food and garbage.
  6. Respect the neighbours:Frog Fest is able to grow and move forward each year with the continuing cooperation of the surrounding Rocky Mountain community, lets do our best to maintain this relationship.
  7. Man's best friend:All animals are welcome to join this year festivities under the owner's discretion, and will be required to be on leash at all times. Any issues with animal aggression will be cause for immediate dismissal of the animal and owner from the property. NO EXCEPTIONS
  8. It's the great outdoors:So take care and look out for eachother.
  9. In case of emergency:Report to a Frog Fest crew member, volunteer, or to Randy.
  10. No Fireworks: Fireworks are not permitted at the festival.

Be prepared for the great outdoors

  • Bring cash, there is no ATM on site
  • Be well equipped for all types of weather, especially rain!
  • Water will be available for washing, but bring your own drinking water and food
  • Bring soap, and any toiletries
  • Bring mosquito spray (if desired) and sun tan lotion
  • Bring tents, tarps, mattresses and all other camping necessities


Mud Creek Medics will be on site this year to provide first aid care to attendees of the festival.


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Frogfest 2016

It was another landmark year for the ever-expanding FrogFest team as we nimbly navigated our way towards victory. A special thanks to all of the volunteers, artists, and friendly faces who made Frogfest 2016 a success!

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Stay tuned for more information regarding this year's festival. Direct any general questions to info@frogfest.ca