2015 Lineup

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The Ashley Hundred
The Ashley Hundred is a sonic stew of swirling ambience, soaring harmonies, melodic bass lines, tribal-esque drumming and frenzied banjo picking.
Calgary, AB
The Band Called Life Puzzler
Born from the depths of Calgary's very own Thunderdome is The Band Called Life Puzzler. Inspired by existential crises, delirium, and the mysteries of our infinite Universe this 2-piece exploratory vehicle of sound will take you on a journey through time, space, and the mind.
Calgary, AB
The Bitterweed Draw
If bands could be character actors, The Bitterweed Draw would have been in every celebrated 70s exploitation flick involving a Southern United States bar brawl as the tall, scar-covered badass fighter you wished the entire film was about instead. This riotous and swaggering honky-tonk and bluegrass band put on just about the best live show in Calgary.
Calgary, AB
Birdstriking shows the extension of Beijing's even Chinese musicians' sights, as well as the changing of the new indie music. The indie musicians no longer adorn and limit themselves in existing genres, they're turning to praise the creativity. Birdstriking has larger ambition, beyond noise rock, punk rock or original rock, they want to get rid of all the astrictions, flying freely like birds, accepting multifarious music or sound. This new debut is just the beginning. The bird chasing freedom strikes the huge fast-moving machine, the meaning of “Birdstriking” is obviously seen.
Beijing, China
Formed in 2014, Copperhead has blazed on to Alberta's music scene blending dark, throaty motown, swaggering rock & roll and folk with a rusty edge. Having garnered comparisons to Cat Power and Anna Calvi, the Calgary based 4-piece is helmed by Liz Stevens' haunting melodies and soulful voice. Winners of the 2014 Calgary Folk Festival songwriting contest, Copperhead have entered the the studio to complete their inaugural self-titled EP 'Copperhead.'
Calgary, AB
Dead Emperor
Dead Emperor is a 60's inspired psychedelic garage/surf band hailing from Calgary, AB. Reminiscent of bands like Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and The Velvet Underground, Dead Emperor brings a modern twist to the 60's psychedlic sound.
"These guys sound like they belong on the Kill Bill soundtrack!"
-Some drunk chick at a party one time.
Calgary, AB
Dragon Cheddar
Long before the dinosaurs roamed the earth, our planet was home to the Dragon Cheddar, a ferocious band of Parcheesi fanatics bent on world domination. Sadly, they went extinct when the vast Havarti plains perished during the great deadening.
But now, thanks to science, and geology and stuff, they're back! And they learned how to play music real good during their time being extinct. You wouldn't understand. They'll melt your face and that's all you need know.
Calgary, AB
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Fever Feel
Fever Feel is a developing musical endeavour based out of Calgary, composed of two brothers, Logan and Landon Gabert. The depth of sound this duo delivers is dark and cavernous, painting the atmosphere of those listening in a dreamy haze. All who listen cannot resist influence, having their opinions made malleable by the places this music takes a listener
Calgary, AB
The Great Speckled Fritillary
The lovely butterfly-dragons of Sona-Nyl are insectoid creatures with beautifully-patterned wings, insect-like legs and long, curved necks and tails. These creatures feed solely on nectar, fragrant odours and silence. If threatened, a butterfly-dragon responds by emitting a rose-coloured mist from glands along the sides of its body. Anyone inhaling or even touching this mist goes deaf.
Vancouver, BC
Gunner and Smith
Starting in 2010 as a solo project by folk artist Geoff Smith, the band evolved into a multi-member indie country rock ensemble that traverses the rocky line between post- prairies balladeering and grit-covered rockers for those given to heavy highway drives and long, expansive thoughts.
Saskatoon, SK
Liquor Mountain
A root-scootin' lead rings out as these brave mountaineers rope up for the summit of Liquor Mountain. There's not much that can be said of this place that hasn't been said already, but if you want to see over the ridge, gather around, grab a cold cool one and head for the top. You'll swear you've died and gone to country rock heaven.
Calgary, AB
Magik Spells
Magik Spells consists of bass, drums, guitar, auxiliary percussions and a hint of synth, run through a multicoloured, multitude of pedals, effects and triggers. Their melding of these instruments creates a unique fusion of many elements and inspirations in the musical spectrum. It's a groove monster with a spicy flavour that's fluid but hard hitting. Intense rhythms are hypnotizing, with a swirl of guitar effects and a funky attitude. Indie rock with dance vibes and a high energy stage show.
Vancouver, BC
The Mantle
Tectapentaphonic funk, coming straight from the centre and busting the crust of the stodgy-dodger viejo-cortex. A subterranean hotcore shot straight into the super sphere. Have no fear.
Calgary, AB
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Misery Mountain Boys
The Misery Mountain Boys are an honest and creative acoustic ensemble, playing a variety of eclectic roots music. With a strong emphasis on musicianship, and drawing on a diverse influence from swing, bluegrass, old-time, blues, and funk, the groups performance is high-energy and interactive, playful yet unpredictable.
Peace River, AB
The Moonshakes
The Moonshakes are a Western Swing group based out of Calgary, AB. They pay homage to the greats like Milton Brown, Bob Wills, and the Texas Wanderers
Calgary, AB
No River
No River is an alt-country project comprised of Calgary musicians Stewart Elton, Trenton Shaw, Cody Swinkels and Chris Nevile. Formed in the summer of 2010, the project developed in part around songwriter Cody Swinkels' desire to chronicle his experiences while living in a derelict turn of the century Alberta farm house over several cold winter months. What began as a collection of musical interpretations quickly transformed into a more powerful expression of life growing up in a prairie town and conveys emotions of youth, love, defeat, death, recklessness, heartbreak, and optimism.
Calgary, AB
Pink Licorice
Pink Licorice oozes a thick pink stream of fuzzy "Doom-Wop" power pop. This overtly sexual band of Vancouver misfits will have you shaking at the knees, and dripping with lustful exhuberance.
Vancouver, BC
Royal Cannonball
The eclectic roots group, Royal Cannonball, are: Ethan Cole, a recent CBC searchlight finalist, James Dangerous, the former leader of the Psychedelic Hillbilly Blues group the CIA, and Sarah Sinclair, an accomplished choral singer, lawyer, and multi-instrumentalist. Wielding guitars, banjos, clarinets, mandolins, and more, they lay down exciting roots music influenced by everything from ABBA to Motorhead to Gershwin.
Calgary, AB
The Rumble
Don't miss out on the most potent dose of rock and roll you'll find this side of hell. They've got songs to play all night longs: slow, fast, future and past, passionately frantic and cynically romantic. Tell your friends if they haven't told you, if you don't have any, they got songs for you too. People, these four poor freaks know one thing only. That's making grade A rock and roll music for you to shake your hips to.
Calgary, AB
Sealegs is a four piece, acoustic band that is looking to make big waves in the Western Canadian music scene. The momentum behind the band continues to grow and audiences at every gig and every listen are starting to ride the Sealegs wave, pushing the group to bigger and better horizons.
Audiences [are] instantly hooked by the high energy yet very melodic music the band [is] writing and performing. The group continues to write and perform Irish influenced folk music with a pop rock twist. Audiences quickly became enthused by the 'folk meets pop (and sometimes punk) rock' style of music.
Calgary, AB
Smith and Wallace
Smith and Wallace are comprised of Cameron Wallace, Kyle Smith, Andy Slade, Brian Maude, and Jeremy Genoux. This folk-country ensemble will please the ears and bring to tears with their beautiful tunes.
Victoria, BC
Tens Only
Our music, art, stage show, bringing ideas, concepts, beliefs, genres, and all forms of art together to make a perfect medium for expression. Tens Only is not just a group of men that play various instruments each, that make new instruments, who do all of their own posters, album covers and art, but a group that brings from everywhere old and new ideas to bring the best in music, art and theatre, to push the limits and try everything out, and include other musicians and artists in our ranks
Calgary, AB
Thomas C Kooz
Thomas C.Kooz comes from the rolling hills of Clearwater County. Born in redneck Saskatchewan began playing in numerous rock and sludge metal bands from age 12. Growing up on everything from old 50s doo wop to Black Sabbath. Since 2012 he has halted all heavy styles and focused on his love for folk and blues. Writing oodles of songs and recording just a few. Playing live has always been a major passion and although very different than full band, the style has continued to be at the forefront of priorities. In the midst of recording a full length record and hopeful of touring the countryside one day, Thomas C Kooz is your banjo pluckin, guitar wailin, foot stompin fix. Come see him live all over the city this summer. Even some central Alberta music festivals.
Leduc, AB
Tiny Shrine
Tiny shrine is an international, sound design movement that will carry on for years
thus far matthew robinson has been fortunate & thankful to have worked with dearest souls
Calgary, AB
Well Mannered Thieves
The Thieves came together, not from the love of one genre, but from the love of music as a whole. The members are uniquely varied in their tastes, and the result is an ever-changing sonic pallet that leaves no musical stone unturned. With a back-bone of groove-heavy rhythms, and a strong focus on extreme dynamics, the Thieves move quickly from thoughtful whisperings, to high energy sing-alongs without blinking an eye.
Calgary, AB
The Wheel
The Wheel is a calgary based music project that transcends the limitations of genres. Sometimes an experimental folk duo, sometimes a country laden rock and roll odyssey, sometimes an exploration of noises and sounds. The Wheel performs songs of their own creation along with songs selected from the exquisite songbook of earthly creations, capturing the divine groove and essence of each song, and each set curated to suit the audience
Calgary, AB

Visual Artists

Amy Miller
Amy Miller is an interdisciplinary artist that explores functional and non functional work. Clay and ceramics are her main focus, though metal working and painting follow close behind. Completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the Alberta College of Art + Design, she now looks forward to working as an artist within the community. Among working on her studio practice she works as a pottery instructor at Artopia Studios Inc.
Michelle MacDonald
Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Michelle attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where she learned and experimented with several mediums in different departments, eventually becoming enamored with Print Making, mixed media and three dimensional images using discarded materials.
Currently her work is focused on experimentation with new techniques, materials, and applications that allow pieces to become more interactive with their environment.
Nikki VonPanda
Nicole Emerson was born in Brandon Manitoba but raised in Calgary Alberta, where she found her inspirations for her future as a visual artist and received her BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a major in Sculpture. Primarily focusing on sculpture, installation and set design Nicole speaks about communicating her subconscious understandings and interpretations of the world around her through physical objects, collections and more.
"I experience life as a turbulent sea of sensory information that I am constantly swimming through, questioning my existence in this strange world that I am immersed in. By physically penetrating nature with synthetic objects, I attempt to break down the barriers of the organic and the fabricated. By representing these ideas through three-dimensional works I begin to try to communicate the inner workings of my mind to those who are equally as curious"
- Nicole Emerson AKA Nikki VonPanda

Calgary, AB
Rebecca Reid and Ema Clarke (Calgary Outsider Art)
Rebecca Reid and Ema Clarke are a local artistic duo specializing in set design, stage aesthetics and large scale installations. As co-founders of the Calgary Outsider Art Society they have spearheaded a number of art parties, collaborative environments and unique events. This year they have been working with Welcome to the West and Market Collective, creating stages and visual showcases.
Rebecca is a children's art teacher and writer inspired by the sublime, ethereal and transcendent realms and draws creative energy into her practice through meditation, vision quests and ecstatic dance and movement. Continually exploring mediums to suit the flow of creative energy she is drawn to creative writing, painting, fibre arts and sculpture.
Ema is currently working on a noise and performance project called Preserverts with long time friend and band-mate Igor Gvozdenovic. You can find their most recent project "Vegetable Cabin" as a part of the upcoming Wreck City. Ema is a painter by discipline, inspired by dreams, memory and junior high cringe moments.
They are excited to return to Frogfest this year to create a few interactive spaces and thread together a dreamy side stage playing on themes of alien folklore and abduction bringing you to a Psychedelic Roswell New Mexico Dreamscape in the Forest of Rocky Mountain House.