2017 Lineup

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All Hands on Jane
All female group hailing from Calgary, Alberta. Making Sweaty Pseudo-Sludge Blues since 2011. Prolific exporters of tuned in, grunge fury with serpentine licks. Grunge-blues, some psychedelia allowed.
Calgary, AB
The Ashley Hundred
The Ashley Hundred creates a rich and colourful palette of textures while surrounded on stage with a collection of instruments and effects. Reverb soaked guitars and layers of harmonies melt together in a thick cloud of atmosphere, while the banjo is given new life as it dances through an array of effects pedals and joins in the dense and lush soundscapes created by the band. Melodic bass lines often take the lead in the song, accompanied by crisp and thoughtful drumming. Failing to find inspiration by any single genre of music, The Ashley Hundred blends their favourite parts of folk, psych rock, hip hop and pop to create a unique explosion of sound, while not being afraid to let their roots show.
Calgary, AB
Bardic Form
Bardic Form is an Edmonton based acoustic guitar duo who blend folk, Latin, metal and classical music into a high-energy and unparalleled performance. From outdoor festivals to living rooms, concert halls to coffee houses, they are a rare gem performing something truly different and unforgettable that have left audiences speechless and on their feet.
Edmonton, AB
The Basement Paintings
The Basement Paintings overall sound can be categorized into ambient and post-rock genres. Forming in the winter of 2011, The Basement Paintings quickly got to work recording a full length debut album which was released in March of 2013 along with a video for the single "Desert Surfer". The follow up EP, titled "Time Lapse City" was released in March of 2014. Featuring a collaboration with Aaron Harris (ISIS, Palms), the EP marks a major step in the evolution of the band, and the refinement of their sound. This stacked roster earned them a spot in "Ominocity's Top Local Albums of 2014". The band's latest release, "Mystic" was recorded in Saskatoon by Barrett Ross, Mixed by Chris Douglas at Sun Temple Studios and mastered by Harris Newman (Godspeed You Black Emperor) at Grey Market Mastering.
Saskatoon, SK
Bears in Hazenmore
Bears in Hazenmore are an ambient alternative rock group based out of Regina, Treaty 4, Saskatchewan. Since their formation in 2014, the band has become known for creating atmospheric soundscapes and their ability to draw audiences in with intimate lyrics and enticing builds. Operating as a five-piece ensemble that includes extensive use of reverb-saturated guitars, dynamic percussion, and ethereal brass and woodwind textures, they draw strong influences from and comparisons to groups such as City and Colour, Aidan Knight, and Bon Iver. The five members-Brady Frank (lead vocals/guitar/keys), Dana Rempel (bass/sax), Darnell Stewart (guitar), Tanner Wilhelm Hale (drums/vocals), and Dalton Lam (trumpet)-all have their roots in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, where they met through different musical endeavours.
Swift Current, SK
The Bitterweed Draw
"If bands could be character actors, The Bitterweed Draw would have been in every celebrated 70s Western exploitation flick involving a bar brawl as the tall, scar-covered badass fighter you wished the entire film was about instead."
– Sled Island, Music and Arts Festival

This riotous and swaggering six-piece honky-tonk juggernaut has ignited crowds from coast to coast. The Bitterweed Draw has over 300 performances under their belt spanning a range of venues including large festival stages, crowded bars, local markets, private functions, on-air radio, and whiskey swiggin' sunrises aplenty.

Over the course of six years, The Bitterweed Draw has toured across Canada and has released multiple recording projects including The Burnt Cabin Sessions (2011, EP) and Heart of the Old West (2012, LP), and Dynamite Mountain (2015, LP).
Calgary, AB
Brother Octopus
Since forming in 2011, Brother Octopus has been heavily involved within the Canadian music scene. They've performed alongside notable artists such as Hollerado, Zerbin, Tupelo Honey and Rend. The band was featured in the popular publication, Alternative Press Magazine, achieved various awards (including an Edmonton Music Award in 2015) and even managed to reach #1 on the Canadian College Radio Charts.

Brother Octopus as been treading ahead with full force and no sign of stopping. They continue to strive in creating original music and providing a quality live performances.
Edmonton, AB
"a tense and bespoke mixture of swampy electronics, strings, and vocals that flash with a bold volcanic brilliance."

Born in Calgary, FOONYAP started violin when she was 4. Embedded in classical music, Catholicism and Chinese culture, she wrestled with conformity and her need for acceptance. FOONYAP's latest album 'Palimpsest' reflects her journey to self-discovery. A hauntingly beautiful blend of folk and electronic that incorporates her Chinese heritage, each song captures components of her past and present realities, be it through dark soundscapes that mirror anxious longing, or powerful electronic rifts that reflect painful life transitions.

Since its October release, 'Palimpsest' has garnered rave reviews and continues to chart across the country including appearances on the Top 50, International, and Folk/Roots/Blues charts.

Fresh off a Canadian album release tour, FOONYAP's performances captivate audiences with looped violin, mandolin, and voice creating "textured complexities" that showcase her "gifted and powerful voice" (The Reflector).
Saskatoon, SK
Fox Who Slept the Day Away
Fox Who Slept The Day Away does not spend their days idly, despite what their name suggests. From their first demo, "Sometimes", it was easy to see that the quartet were on to something special. The EP spoke to a maturity far beyond what is expected of the young group, and since then this dynamic has been ever evolving and delighting fans. Blending jazz and math-rock technicality with the ambience of post rock, they have created a unique and diverse sonic range. With ambitious influences such as The Antlers, Grizzly Bear, and Local Natives, the band is constantly working to develop and encompass new branches of music.
Calgary, AB
Hermitess is the solo project of singer and harpist Jennifer Crighton, who comes by way of various musical incarnations, including The Consoant C and Devonian Gardnes. The performances revolve around the harp and a circle of womens voices, who weave an inquisitive, contrary wounded, wize and ever dreaming incantation.
Calgary, AB
The Hillties
The Hillties are a funk 'n reggae band based out of Nelson, BC. They place rich vocal harmonies over vivid grooves and will continue to do so with no end in sight.
Nelson, BC
I am the Mountain
"I Am the Mountain layers brass and string accents beneath the loving vocal delivery of songwriter, Colton O'Reilly. With a freshly introduced songbook of laid-back sounds from Western Canada's lake country, this collective's rotating cast of young musicians breathe friendship into every room, or campfire they grace."
- Welcome to the West
Calgary, AB
Jason Famous
Allure, Sophistication, Raw sexual tension: These are the thoughts that come to mind when asked to describe the illustrious Jason Famous and Le Fame. Critically acclaimed as the staple of modern romance in today's trying times, the couple we'd all love to be are taking a break from their world of high end fashion and philanthropy and setting a course to put on the greatest stage show ever imagined.
Calgary, AB
Laser Cake
Just out of high school, Steven Young and Patrick Southgate formed a 3-piece band, Star Hustler, which disbanded without recording, but that formed the stylistic underpinnings of what would become Laser Cake. A few years later, Brian Maude and Steve were working on a semi-serious R&B project called Chunk Mixer, but kept coming back to rock riffs and more pop-oriented song structures. A drummer was sought once again in Patrick, and Laser Cake was formed. Since then the band has acquired a Keyboard player in Cameron Wallace, played dozens of shows in Alberta and BC, and recorded an EP. The band has since broken up, but not before finishing work on an unreleased full-length album. This year, Laser Cake will reunite to release their LP, and put the band to rest once and for all!
Calgary, AB
Let's Tune our Weapons
Well, it's grunge, or pop or something like that. It's rowdy as shit though, for sure, with catchyass vocal lines. Let's Tune Our Weapons rocked the pants off of Calgary for a couple years there, but then went on a weird hiatus when Ben (drums) tried to prank Martha (vocals, guitar) by moving to a different city. True, the band had a good laugh, but at what cost? Now, Let's Tune Our Weapons plays infrequently and only when geographical circumstances allow. Luckily, they can play all those killer tracks in their sleep, so each time they just pick up right where they left off. Nobody knows when the next chance to hear them play will be, but you definitely wouldn't wanna miss it.
Calgary, AB
Magik Spells
Magik Spells is a 5-piece indie/dance/rock band operating out of Vancouver, B.C. The group is known for delivering a wild live show, touching on a variety of styles while always keeping the crowd moving. Consisting of uniquely effected guitar and bass tones, synth and double drums. The sound lends styles from acts such as Modest Mouse, The Cure, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and RHCP, just to name a few. It's must see, never forget type of experience.
Vancouver, BC
Outlaws of Ravenhurst
Outlaws of Ravenhurst were born in a time when the greatest threats were attacks from dragons or the Huns. Being champions of chivalry in the medieval period, they found themselves pitted against many enemies, divisive and twisted. As a result of one of their rivalries, The Outlaws were sucked into the early 2000s through a time-portal created by the evil Wizard Uncle Roger. He hoped that by taking them completely out of their element, the 21st century authorities would have them institutionalized, thinking they were raving lunatics; talking of swordfights, dragons and the like.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
The Outlaws adapted, teaching themselves the art of what they deemed "sonic weaponry," and now believe it is no accident that they have been sent to this era. Using his skills of blacksmithery, Ken Murdoch saw fit to turn his axe into a device to hurl audible lightning bolts in any direction. Dan D'Agostino soon made his broadsword one that would pound out such a low hum, that the vibrations would make all of Reykjavik tremble. And Gabe Antal discovered how to make the crashing of waves and thunder peels bend at his very whim and command.
Their mission is to defend truth and justice through the power of Rock and set this world ablaze!
Join in their battle and prepare to have your socks knocked off.
Calgary, AB
Rak & Targus
Rak and Targus is an original two-piece singer/songwriter duo from Calgary, Alberta. They capture a unique, original sound drawing influences from many genres including progressive, psychedelic, experimental, classical, and folk music. Using their voices, guitars, keyboards, and multiple effects pedals they are able to create a surprisingly rich and full sound for a 2-piece group. Their constantly evolving stage show is energetic, entertaining, and emotionally rich, something all audiences can appreciate.
Calgary, AB
respectfulchild is the instrumental violin project of Melissa Gan from Treaty 6 Territory. Built on experimental ambient loops that are as hallucinatory as they are heavenly, their music is both "electronic" in nature while being acoustically created. Their performances are minimal in set-up, utilizing just their violin and a few pedals, to focus attention on the ebb and flow of their bubbling rhythms and hypnotic textures. With a sound that has been likened to artists such as Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Owen Pallett, the lone presence of respectfulchild has often been able to bring quiet to even the noisiest of rooms.
Saskatoon, SK
Road Waves
Combining influences from the roots of jazz, bluegrass, blues, funk, and rock - Road Waves is constantly pushing new boundaries, and is an up and coming improvisational act with a huge dose of energy. With fresh sounding originals inspired by the likes of The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead and more, they are sure to invigorate and liven up any audience - and with covers/tributes as soulful and jam packed as their musical predecessors - Road Waves is a four piece that will have you thinking about them long after they play.
Niagara Falls, ON
The Rondel Roberts Band
A beautiful blend of moving grooves, throwback tunes, hip hop drops, blues riffs and bebop licks, "The Rondel Roberts Band" delivers the dance floor and dominates the stage at any given opportunity. The neo-soul/funk band is setting up shop in Calgary's live music scene and the people are responding. With collective influences ranging from New Jack Swing to Neo-Soul and from Rock to Hip Hop, this group of young tenured musicians is the epitome of eccentrically elcletic music projects. Tastefully raw and perfectly distorted, the band commands the attention of the audience by displaying energy that a stadium couldn't contain. The singer Rondel Roberts' sultry and smooth vocals sit perfectly on top of guitarist Jamil Ahmed's array of vintage tones. Bassist Brad Wedekind lays down grooves that fit the pocket like a glove while Colin rips out rhythms that induces melted faces, bopping heads and snapped necks. The bands use of noise, hip hop inspired performance and production techniques along with retro arrangements and modern songwriting sets them apart from any act in the industry today. They have an oxymoronic "instant classic" quality to their sets and they pay homage to their influences with grace and undeniable class. In a market that is saturated with emerging music, these young men offer a unique sonic experience and their career in the music industry looks very promising. You can track their progress on their facebook fan page.
Calgary, AB
Rotary Park
Rotary Park is a Calgary based band playing a special brand of harmony driven, Canadian folk-bluegrass fusion. Known for their high energy and diverse live performances this quintet has proven to be the perfect fit for any type of event. The combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique type of Canadian music to the table. One thing is sure, they will have your hands clapping and feet stomping! Rotary Park has made a name for themselves playing many different festivals, corporate functions and packed venues throughout Canada since 2011. With the release of their second full length album and another tour across Canada in 2015, the future is looking brighter than ever for this fine group of gentlemen.
Calgary, AB
Steep Tease
Fake James is an exercise in smooth soundscapes, with immediate rhythm and melody. He has a competing admiration for R&B, chill-wave, and guitar-driven folk. Connor McTavish specializes in cello, bass, and guitar, and has been playing and writing music since the age of 13. Chris Sunberg is a multi-instrumentalist (drums, synths), and a savvy producer, having studied at Nimbus Recording Arts Studio in Vancouver, BC. Together they will meet your desires for honey-dipped indie serenity, and head-bobbing rhythm.
Vancouver, BC
The Sweets
The Sweets' sludgy blues and enchanting pop-rock is a frenzied and feverish call to the animals in the forest. A ceremony to the spirits of the night, born from the embryos of a mutant wild flower, the quartet produces a high-energy show and draw you in with hypnotic catchiness inviting you to indulge in your inner moonchild.
Calgary, AB
Time Boy
Formed in early 2016, Time Boy is a mind mashing of solo artist Laura Hickli, former members of the Prabes Eric Jessee and Hayden Dallison, and Danny Fisher. The culmination of their creative energy led to a perfect storm that created progressive, ethereal, and eclectic music equally influenced by each member's unique tastes and experiences. Thrown into the world of live performance just 4 months after formation by a last minute addition to a fundraiser for the Calgary Distress Centre at Dicken's pub, the band has been seen playing various shows in Calgary and Lethbridge. With a newly recorded album set to be released in 2017, the band will continue to pump weirdness and energy into the Calgary music scene.
Calgary, AB
The Torchettes
When sassy front women Deicha Carter and Abbie Thurgood open their mouths and sing, images of some of the finest, funkiest soul singers and most compelling '60s garage rock waft through your psyche and bones. The straight goods are delivered with grit, groove and perfect backing from Anders Czarnecki and Steven Halvorson. Guitar riffs and a solid back beat built around bang-on harmonies will leave you wiping your sweat staches. The mystery of denim and sequins unfolds.
Calgary, AB
Tremoloco is an eclectic roots band from Los Angeles, Ca. whose music has been described as Sonoran Gothic Folk, Gulf Coast Roots Rock and Mexican Americana. Blending Mexican music with Roots/Country music is no easy task. It certainly helps that they are well versed in several styles including Folk, Country, Cajun, Blues, Honky Tonk, Tex-Mex, Rancheros, Cumbias and Zydeco all the while writing and performing original songs in both English and Spanish.

Their joyous and fun live shows have been well received where they’ve won fans from the West Coast to the Gulf Coast including Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana, from Mexico to Washington state and up through Canada where they’re loved by old and young alike. They’ve participated in festival music workshops in the U.S. and Canada, hosted roots music TV shows and have done numerous in-studio radio and television appearances.
Los Angeles, CA
Windigo is the relentlessly lovable brain-child of Anthony Kameka (guitar & vocals), Del Coburn (bass), Tory Rosso (guitar) and Mitch Cooper (drums). Kameka's mellow yet powerful vocals and Cooper's exquisite rhythms balance expertly with Coburn and Rosso's infectious artistry.

Combining their intoxicating creative intuition, Windigo has found its way into the hearts of a loyal and sizeable following in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta and nationwide. The band currently has six releases and over 200 live performances - and with an all new full length album slated for a 2017 release, the possibilities are endless.
Calgary, AB


DJ Kool Dreamz
You are entering a Cul-de-sac.
It's in your best interest to turn around and let DJ Kool Dreemz take you on a journey wavering between fantasy and OG sensability.
Yah'll ready for this; nur nah nah neh nah nah, nah nah nah nah! As per dictation not read.
DJ Helen
DJ Helen of the Future Language (CJSW) brings the weird and waxy side of music to the airwaves as well as the party. Prep your eardrums for riveting misfit music, lotsa noise and lotsa fun!
Two Pair Pat
Old and new
the styles fit a glass shoe
Two Pair Pat -aka- L.L.cooliO.J
sure to have kept true
as if he knew
What was best for you
Rusty Meeks
Rusty Meeks has been a familiar name in the Western Canadian DJ community for the better part of the last decade. As founder and Co-Owner of Substation Recordings he has played a major part in exposing a talented class of Western Canadian house and techno producers to a global audience. The success of the label has already opened the doors to several exciting opportunities including a bi-weekly DJ residency at The Hifi Club in Calgary.

Inspired by artists like Amon Tobin, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, and Bonobo - as a producer Rusty Meeks is known for his quarkiness and use of unconventional sampling. Regardless of the genre, from House & Techno to DnB, he still has an instinct for dancefloor primed tracks, with catchy hooks and big basslines. His most recent album "Do It The Hard Way EP" (2017) made it all the way to #36 on Beatport's Deep House charts.

Despite success as a label owner and producer, Rusty Meeks is best known and sought after for his energetic DJ sets, occasionally spanning multiple genres and even incorporating live instruments into his mixes. For over 3 years he has run a monthly residency at Habitat Living Sound called "NOIR" where he is regularly accompanied by live saxophone and congas. Connecting with the crowd on the dancefloor is something Rusty does effortlessly making him an act not to miss.

The Visual Arts Team

Nikki VonPanda
Nicole Emerson is multimedia artist that received her BFA with a major in sculpture in the Calgary Alberta where she currently resides. Nicole's investigation through her work acts as an outlet for her inspiration highlighted by Travel, Nature and her attempts to understand this curious reality. Moral guidelines and spiritual details are emphasized through her manipulation of recycled and reused materials creating contemporary objects and visual spaces for community members to share in and enjoy. Currently Nicole is investigating the world of fiber and the relationship within texture and form. Pulling inspiration from Valerie Blass, The Womb Gallery and the average couch pillow Nicole's current work has taken a turn into the world of inviting vibrant objects.
Jess Wittman
A feeler of music and art with a love of their parity with life's pulse, Jess is inspired by the creation process and is happiest with her hand in many pots at once. She is involved in the music and arts community in Calgary and is an ardent supporter of local initiatives and events focused on building positive and inspiring creative changes for our fair and talented city.
Elaine Weryshko
Elaine is a theatre artist from Calgary who bases her practice in the theory of Failure, Clown and the Poetic Body. Her current focus is contemporary performance art work that looks to keep challenging the interaction of the performer/audience live experiences and their need in a post-authentic world. She writes, performs, produces, designs and kamikaze's live events for large-scale shows in alternative spaces. Ultimately, as an artist, she wants audiences to be provoked and forced to examine their role in the presentation. They must determine their place as supporters, mockers posers or subjects. Her work combines text, music and choreography to build scenes that set up ideas, images and relationships - and then destroy them.
Kitty Lovenlight
Kitty Lovenlight was born and raised in a mushroom in the forest. She is most at home when surrounded by moss and foliage. As such, much of her inspiration is drawn from shady woodland groves of the Northern Boreal. Somewhat lost and forlorn in the city, she wanders the streets using found objects to create salutation pieces to the forests, hills and mountains where she herself feels found. Much of her work is a merging of natural and man-made form: somewhere between natural mystic and industrial junkyard. She believes that art, if it is to serve its function, should show the world as changeable, and also help to change it, so her pieces have elements of utopian optimism woven into Kitty's creations have been showcased at many multi-arts galas. Her work has also been showcased at Frog Fest 2013/14 and 2016. The installations spoke to the land where the festival is held and showed how humans imprint their environment, and how it in turn imprints them. Stay tuned for more of her adventures, including, but not limited to, a travelling boutique and tarot booth!
Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reid, creative alias Willow Herzog, is a Calgary based visual artist and creative writer who specializes in placemaking, set design, projections and large scale creative environments. She has worked with Sled Island, AGA, Welcome to the West, Offbeat Figure Drawing, Frog Fest, Calgary Outsider Art and other numerous grassroots projects. Rebecca also works consistently as the set designer for Market Collective, creating immersive stage and photo booth environments. When not working on sets, props and stages she is a Kindergarten and children's art teacher. Her creative work often uses upcycled and reclaimed items and draws inspiration from the sublime, ethereal and transcendent realms. While placemaking and set design are her main practice, Rebecca is also a painter and sculptor who frequently enjoys creating with windows, fabric, resin and other organic materials. She would describe her work as being resourceful and full of esoteric textures infused with intuitive impulses. She is delighted to be back with the Frogfest art team for another beautiful festival!
Randi-Lee Ross
Randi lee is a visual artist who delights in manipulation of perceived reality, working to do so in many mediums, colours, patterns and scales. She majored in metalwork when obtaining her BFA in Calgary Alberta, a place she continues to call home. This is her second year on the Frogfest art team, and she is generally pretty stoked about it :)
Alia Shahab
Alia Shahab builds physical spaces to interact with and explore, as well as site specific natural materials installations. She is an artist from Calgary Alberta and an explorer of the imaginations labyrinth who seeks adventure and soul insight.
Tens Only
The Tens Only Collective is a group of Artists that create artistic projects together; whether it is on an album, doing a stage show, a gallery led show or a festival. Including installations at Frog Fest 2014 and 2015 with our project; the "Tens Only Pavilion" an installation piece including hand-made one-of-a-kind instruments, and walls for painting and drawing, a community artistic outlet, tools for creating. This years pavilion is phase 3, it's a jam space/performance-light-centre/art tent begging to be experimented with and painted on, including off-shoot light based installations, to help your visual experience wandering through the festival.