2016 Lineup

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Alexa Borden
Sultry dive rock on Ambien.
Calgary, AB
The Ashley Hundred
The Ashley Hundred began as an acoustic-folk act in the summer of 2012. Venturing to the forests surrounding their hometown of Calgary, Alberta for inspiration, and to write the songs that would define their early sound. Taking on a bass player to give necessary fullness to their songs, The Ashley Hundred soon began to add further instruments and effects to their guitar, banjo, and percussion foundation. The resulting lineup of Brett Cassidy (Banjo, Lap Steel, Vocals), Michael De Souza (Drums), Andrew Franks (Guitar, Keys, Vocals), Jordan Moe (Bass, Vocals) and Carson Stewart (Guitar, Keys, Vocals) were able to combine their array of influences, which range from traditional folk to psychedelic and post-rock, to create sonic stew of swirling ambience, soaring harmonies, melodic bass lines, tribal-esque drumming and frenzied banjo picking. A sound that the band refers to fondly as "Folkadelic".
Calgary, AB
The Bitterweed Draw
This will be their magical number seventh time playing FrogFest! Fresh off of releasing their highly anticipated sophomore record, 'Dynamite Mountain', here is the raucous honky tonk six-piece, The Bitterweed Draw. While staying true to their swaggering roots, 'Dynamite Mountain' exposes a dark and diverse album that has aged like fire whiskey in an oak cask barrel. "If bands could be character actors, The Bitterweed Draw would have been in every celebrated 70s Western exploitation flick involving a bar brawl as the tall, scar-covered badass fighter you wished the entire film was about instead."
– Sled Island, Music and Arts Festival
Calgary, AB
Body Waves
"...is a dance/psych/rock/pop music project by Steven Young, the project is in the vein..."
Calgary, AB
Bryson Waind and his Citizens Band
A country rock jam outfit from Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, AB
Chicken-Like Birds
One night at a local watering hole in Calgary, Jasmin and Ari were arguing about something long since forgotten and a wrestling match broke out. There was some fierce grappling, Jas pinned Ari down (Ari will say that he let her win) and she kicked him in the groin. This is how their strange relationship began. Since that fateful (and painful) night, music came naturally to them, and after spending a month in the woods together, the two have emerged as Chicken-Like Birds. With a home base currently in Vancouver, together they bring forth the olde-time-new-time country blues and ragtime, a smidge of intentional sloppiness, a foot stomp or two, and often humorous lyrics with a bit of sugary sweetness in there for good measure. Chicken-Like Birds are always striving to push the limits of what they can do, bringing their quirkiness and passion to the stage for a fun and interactive show that is never quite the same twice
Vancouver, BC
EHM Sky Patrol
Step aboard the EHM Sky Patrol dance dirigible. A cocktail of honky-tonk, blues, and funk crackles from antique speakers behind a brass and mahogany bar. It’s a lively mix they call Saloon-Funk. A spaceman and a werewolf waltz on a parquet floor, carried aloft on a seductive melody. You don’t need to look out the windows to tell you've taken off. They don’t make music like that down there. Elise-Hall Meyer (EHM for short) isn’t really from the sky, but her songs full of vivid characters and cunning lyrics might take you there, if you’re lucky. She’s backed by a bunch of ex-flatlanders (Devin Bates, Kellan Benz, and Ben Everyman), collectively known as the Sky Patrol.
Vancouver, BC
Ewan McIntyre
Raised on a cocktail of soul, swing, rock n roll, puppetry and some Gaidhlig song to boot. Ewan has spent the last year and a half travelling back and forth between Scotland and Canada where he recently recorded his first solo album “You Probably Look Better Naked anyway”. Recorded in a home studio by Patrick Steele, the album is a collection of songs written while hitch hiking around Canada's east coast and then staying in a cabin in the woods for several months outside Wakefield, Quebec. The album features 10 guest musicians from various parts of Canada, Ireland, England and France and is the seed for a continuation of international, cross cultural collaborations. Ewans previous works include various theatre projects, Performing and making puppets for the likes of Nina Conti. Ewan teaches and performs puppetry and is continually interested in developing his creative practice. He also creates music for theatre and film. Most recently “In Her Shadows”, directed by Cora Bisset and created by Jabuti Theatre and Blank Canvas.
Everywhere, The World
The Firm Handshake
"...Each individual's contribution coalesces into the band's overall sound characterized by a broad appeal that inevitably causes spontaneous rump-shaking for some, and cerebral poetic and chordal analysis for others. Live or on record, this music represents the thinking-man's groove; a real anomaly."
Calgary, AB
Good, Canadian folks making far out, eclectic, electric-psychedelic, groove-based rock n roll tunes that get people excited. You should give them a spin. They could be your new jam.
Calgary, AB
The Handle
Mountainous Prairie Seascapes of Rock n Roll
Calgary, AB
Jesse Speed
Considering today's hyper-social routines, Jesse is a lone wolf. However, on stage he is intriguingly comfortable and remains strikingly honest. His music displays a bleak yet clearly liberating thread of articulations about human nature in modernity. He's been compared to Bonnie Prince Billy, Iron & Wine and J. Tillman. His debut EP Shepherd's Call delivers a warm and raw sound.
Saskatoon, SK
Magik Spells
Magic Spells operate out of Vancouver BC and consist of bass, drums, guitar, auxiliary percussion and a hint of synth, run through a multi-colored multitude of pedals, effects, and triggers. Their melding of these instruments creates a unique fusion of many elements and inspirations in the musical spectrum. It's a groove monster with a spicy flavour that's fluid but hard-hitting. Intense rhythms are hypnotizing, with a swirl of guitar effects and a funky attitude. Indie rock with dance vibes and a high energy stage show.
Vancouver, BC
4 parts, Calgarian sonic terroir
2 parts, fixtures of the local music scene
1 part, "fucked up 50's prom"
3 parts, vomit-inducing analog beatz
1 part, perversely derived amounts of reverb
1 part, fuzzy grime
dash, repressed emotion and thinly veiled drug references
to taste, obtuse sexual and religious imagery
Combine in grungy commercial building cum jam space, gestate for many months, swap a few members in and out...
VOILA: 'spiritually inclined pop-rock-and-roll'
Calgary, AB
Old Cabin
“Old Cabin has documented life, with all it’s highs and lows…There is something lasting in the listen.”
– Hero Hill
“Old Cabin…is soulful, sincere folk music, gently steeped in old-time traditions without re-treading tracks. This is folk music done without pretension.”
– BeatRoute
“…Old Cabin is earthy - loamy even - a fertile foundation from which his musical collaborations grow.His 10 song self-titled record is as expansive in sound as his native Yukon is in size and scope."
Jona Barr is a whitehorse based singer songwriter. under the moniker "Old Cabin" he has released two eps — Growing Up Young (2012) and a split-ep with old time machine (file under music, 2012) — and one full-length lp, Old Cabin (2013) recorded with Jordy Walker (Richard Reed Parry, the burning hell, community theatre). the latter received praise from such national publications as Exclaim, Beatroute, QBiM, and Hero Hill.
His new EP entitled "saturn return" will be released summer 2016 on 7" courtesy of Headless Owl Records Yukon, NWT
Pyramid//Indigo is a two-piece experimental group.
Edmonton, AB
Rak and Targus
Rak and Targus is an original two-piece singer/songwriter duo from Calgary, Alberta. They capture a unique, original sound drawing influences from many genres including progressive, psychedelic, experimental, classical, and folk music. Using their voices, guitars, keyboards, and multiple effects pedals they are able to create a surprisingly rich and full sound for a 2-piece group. Their constantly evolving stage show is energetic, entertaining, and emotionally rich, something all audiences can appreciate.
Calgary, AB
Robot Workers
The birth of Prairie Surf with a Dash of Funk
Calgary, AB
Formed in the early months of 2015, Rosalind started as a collaboration between friends Mike Röckin, Jesse Shire and Amanda Noelle that quickly proved to have substantial chemistry and compatibility. After several months and an outpouring of positive feedback, Rosalind looked to expand their sound from guitar, banjo, mandolin and three-part harmonies to include bass, violin and drums, utilising each instrument's unique voice to create a blended and full soundscape. Their songs aim to relate to the spectrum of emotions and experiences our daily lives are rife with, and will leave a lasting impression long after their last note has been played.
Rotary Park
Rotary Park is a Calgary based band playing a special brand of harmony driven, Canadian folk-bluegrass fusion. Known for their high energy and diverse live performances this quintet has proven to be the perfect fit for any type of event. The combination of ambient folk music, powerful vocal harmonies and banjo ripping bluegrass brings a unique type of Canadian music to the table. One thing is sure, they will have your hands clapping and feet stomping! Rotary Park has made a name for themselves playing many different festivals, corporate functions and packed venues throughout Canada since 2011. With the release of their second full length album and another tour across Canada in 2015, the future is looking brighter than ever for this fine group of gentlemen.
Calgary, AB
The Rumble
Ladies and gentlemen! Regular men! Children with fake IDs! Don't miss out on the most potent dose of rock and roll you'll find this side of hell. They've got songs to play all night longs: slow, fast, future and past, passionately frantic and cynically romantic. Tell your friends if they haven't told you, if you don't have any, they got songs for you too.
People, these four poor freaks know one thing only. That's making grade A rock and roll music for you to shake your hips to. So don't miss out, come see the show before they implode.
Calgary, AB
Serious Clouds
Rhythmically inviting and emotionally poignant, Serious Clouds are a three-piece from Calgary, Alberta. With psychedelic sensibilities, indie aesthetics and spiritual undertones throughout, these best friends and band mates create a unique introspective form of garage rock that reaches into the back of your mind and finds a place to hide
Calgary, AB
Silver Moss
Deep within the Valleys of Mammoth Grove, on the shores of Deep Cove is a lush Emerald green carpet of Silver Moss.
Calgary, AB
Calgary, AB
Slow Down Molasses
Saskatoon’s Slow Down Molasses are a six-piece indie-rock collective described as “the Broken Social Scene of the prairies” by Toronto’s Exclaim! Magazine. Taking cues from the wide-open spaces of their home, they craft expansive, texture-heavy pop songs that break into storm squalls of drone, delay and feedback. For their next record, 100% Sunshine (out September 2016), they have teamed up with Tony Doogan of Glasgow’s legendary Castle of Doom (Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub) for a new sonic chapter. Honing in on a sound that’s both more subtle and more violent than their previous work, 100% Sunshine floats and rumbles, combining pop hooks, singalongs and soothing nuances that build into dizzying choruses without sacrificing tension and atmosphere.
The Wheel
The Wheel is a calgary based music project that transcends the limitations of genres. Sometimes an experimental folk duo, sometimes a country-laden rock and roll odyssey, sometimes an exploration of noises and sounds. The Wheel performs songs of their own creation along with songs selected from the exquisite songbook of our earthly domain, capturing the divine essence of each song. A new album is in the works for a release later this year <3
Calgary, AB


DJ Barnaby
DJ Kool Dreamz
You are entering a Cul-de-sac.
It's in your best interest to turn around and let DJ Kool Dreemz take you on a journey wavering between fantasy and OG sensability.
Yah'll ready for this; nur nah nah neh nah nah, nah nah nah nah! As per dictation not read.
DJ Helen
DJ Helen of the Future Language (CJSW) brings the weird and waxy side of music to the airwaves as well as the party. Prep your eardrums for riveting misfit music, lotsa noise and lotsa fun!
DJ Patrick
SH-2000 is a synthesizer duo formed by Calgary musicians Barnaby Bennett & Patrick Whitten - we both play old Roland SH-2000 synths and make ambient music.

All hardware, all improvised, no computers making any sounds. Experimental and wavy everytime.

The Visual Arts Team

Nikki Emerson
Nicole Emerson is multimedia artist that received her BFA with a major in sculpture in the Calgary Alberta where she currently resides. Nicole's investigation through her work acts as an outlet for her inspiration highlighted by Travel, Nature and her attempts to understand this curious reality. Moral guidelines and spiritual details are emphasized through her manipulation of recycled and reused materials creating contemporary objects and visual spaces for community members to share in and enjoy. Currently Nicole is investigating the world of fiber and the relationship within texture and form. Pulling inspiration from Valerie Blass, The Womb Gallery and the average couch pillow Nicole’s current work has taken a turn into the world of inviting vibrant objects.
Michelle MacDonald
Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Michelle attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where she learned and experimented with several mediums in different departments, eventually becoming enamored with Print Making and the versatility of the silk screening process. Inspired by the process of using found material to make three dimensional prints, Michelle has made mixed media the main focus of her practice.
Amy Miller
Amy Miller creates custom ceramics and metal through her research of both materials simultaneously. Through hard work and perseverance Miller is determined to create her dream job, a studio potter. With wheel throwing and hand building techniques she strives to create genuine beauty in our everyday lives. Using subtle urban design, she creates handmade utilitarian objects that exist in our homes.
Kitty Hardy
Kitty Lovenlight was born and raised in a mushroom in the forest. She is most at home when surrounded by moss and foliage. As such, much of her inspiration is drawn from the shaded groves of home. Somewhat lost and forlorn in the city, she wanders the streets using found objects to create salutation pieces to the forests, hills and mountains where she herself feels found. Much of her work is a merging of natural and man-made form. She believes that art, if it is to serve its function, should show the world as changeable, and also help to change it, so her pieces have a hopeful, mystical vibe to them. Kitty’s creations have been showcased at many multi-arts galas. Her work was also showcased at Frog Fest 2013/14. The installations reflected the land and showed how humans imprint upon their environment, and how it in turns imprints them. Stay tuned for more of her adventures, including, but not limited to, a travelling boutique and tarot booth!
Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reid is a Calgary-based visual artist who specializes in placemaking, set design and large scale creative environments. She enjoys creating immersive, inspired spaces for community through frequent use of up-cycled and reclaimed items while ultimately drawing inspiration from the magical, sublime and whimsical. She is a part of the Market Collective team creating as a Set Designer and Installation artist. She has created installation work for the AGA, Sled Island, Welcome to the West, Offbeat Figure Drawing, Frog Fest, Calgary Outsider Art and numerous other grassroots organizations. She describes her work as being full of esoteric textures and intuitive impulses. When not working on sets, props and stages she teaches Kindergarten, children's art workshops and yoga. Rebecca likes cacti, cats and wild flowers. She is grateful to be joining the Frogfest team again this year!
Tens Only
The Tens Only Collective is a group of Artists that create artistic projects together; whether it is on an album, doing a stage show, a gallery led show or a festival. Including installations at Frog Fest 2014 and 2015 with our project; the "Tens Only Pavilion" an installation piece including hand-made one-of-a-kind instruments, and walls for painting and drawing, a community artistic outlet, tools for creating. This years pavilion is phase 3, it's a jam space/performance-light-centre/art tent begging to be experimented with and painted on, including off-shoot light based installations, to help your visual experience wandering through the festival.