Welcome to the website for FrogFest Music & Arts Society


General Festival Parking 

For most froggies arriving to the festival there is parking 200 meters before the festival entrance. This is where you will park and there will be a shuttle that will bring you to the festival entrance with your camping gear. The shuttle will be going to and from the festival during the day and early evenings. Please note that camping is not allowed in the parking area. Access to the parking lot will be limited at night, please be prepared to stay within the festival and camping areas at this time. If you are walking to and from the parking area please walk in the ditch and stay off of the road, don’t want to lose any toads!


RV Parking and Non-Powered Parking 

There are a few parking options when you arrive to the Lilypad. In addition to general festival parking there are a limited amount of powered and non-powered parking sites.

To reserve parking please send an email to info@frogfest.ca indicating what type of vehicle you are bringing and if you want powered or non-powered parking.

Prices for parking are:

  • Powered – $35 per night*
  • Non-Powered – $25 per night

Reserved parking is limited and is subject to a first reserved basis

*If you have friends that are looking to book an RV site and you would like to be parked in the same site please let us know, we’ll be very happy to accommodate if possible – ribbit