2014 Lineup

Sugary sweet indie-rock with a psychedelic tinge. 36? has the energy of a dozen wild horses galloping headlong into an erupting supernova.
Strap in.
Calgary, AB
All Hands on Jane
All Hands on Jane is a three-piece band based in Calgary. These girls have forged their own unique sound that can be described as "post-grunge psychedelic blues". With impromptu jams and grinding tempo changes, the Janes are sure to get you moving.
Calgary, AB
AM Static
AM static is the collaborative brainchild of Chris "A"ustman & Nils "M"ikkelsen. Formed in late 2011, AM static has released their first EP "Roots between the stones" Digitally April 16th.
Calgary, AB
The Bitterweed Draw
If bands could be character actors, The Bitterweed Draw would have been in every celebrated 70s exploitation flick involving a Southern United States bar brawl as the tall, scar-covered badass fighter you wished the entire film was about instead. This riotous and swaggering honky-tonk and bluegrass band put on just about the best live show in Calgary.
Calgary, AB
Copperhead is a creation of Liz Stevens and Kirill Telichev. A definite change of pace from their harder rock-and-roll resumes, both Telichev and Stevens are focussing their collaboration on a root driven sound mixed with groove and soul.
Calgary, AB
A relative newcomer, this shoe gaze surf rock quartet from Calgary, Alberta has a sonic resonance that invokes the feeling of being lost somewhere amongst the dunes, travelling down a lonely, haunting desert hi-way searching for the ocean.
Calgary, AB
Greg Wolfe
"Blue collar, catch your gifts kind of music. Make something while you can because tomorrow you work kind of music. Be brave, be kind, be honest to the point of bashfulness kind of music."
- unknown male Greg met at a bar
Calgary, AB
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Laser Cake
With sonnets of graceful tonalities, Laser Cake embodies melodies that encourage you to put your arm around a loved one and groove into the night. With their thick choruses flirting through waves of organs, Laser Cake never fails, when you're in the mood to sway the night away. An anthemic rock outfit hailing from Calgary, Alberta they cut their teeth playing year three of Frog Fest where their energy incited a mini torrential hailstorm that momentarily brought the set to a halt in fear they would rock the audience to oblivion.
Calgary, AB
Locomotive Ghost
Locomotive Ghost writes folk-rock for nerds and lovers. The Calgary-based quartet samples their scientific backgrounds, exposes personal anecdotes, and injects creative improbabilities to craft songs that are “at once artistically expressive, accessible, fun, and full of small surprises"
Calgary, AB
Mammoth Grove
This 3 piece groove experience catches you by the seam of your pants and twirls you around on a cosmic dance. Tune in and let the rhythm take you away!
Calgary, AB
Ol Boots and the Hoots
Ol' Boots & The Hoots are a three piece traditional Country & Western band from small town Central Alberta. Heavily influenced by the great Hank Williams, Stompin' Tom Connors, Roger Miller and all your Grandpa's other favorites.
Red Deer, AB
Old Cabin
Old Cabin – stage pseudonym of Yukon singer/songwriter Jona Barr – is soulful, sincere folk music, gently steeped in old-time traditions without re-treading tracks. This is folk music done without pretension
Yukon, NWT
Petunia and the Vipers
We are very excited to have Petunia and the Vipers headlining the Sunday night of this year’s FrogFest! “With a piercing gaze, Petunia looks into the collective soul of the audience, then launches into some high and lonesome vocals that conjure up the ghost of Jimmie Rodgers. Not content with mesmerizing the crowd, Petunia’s tapping boot propels the band into a snarling fire and brimstone rave-up as a wave of frantic jitterbuggers compete for space on the hardwood dance floor.” The forest won’t be the same after this performance.
Vancouver, BC
The Psychic Alliance
Stepping out of the annals of Frog Fest history, this alumni troupe of characters returns to their roots, from their new home base in Vancouver, BC. Bringing an array of theatrical antics, psychedelic drenched tones and playful lyrics, this group of aural agitators is sure to transport you to a kaleidoscopic carnival in the midst of the forest.
Vancouver, BC
Rob Roy and the Sultans
Rob Roy and the Sultans are made up primarily of one Patrick Whitten and two Jared Drake, though the Sultans often swell to create a full ensemble. Their haunting vocals, and ethereal jams will soothe your soul.
Calgary, AB
Sleepkit is an emerging Calgary band from the hearts and minds of Marie Sulkowski and Ryan Bourne. This exciting new project will no doubt broaden your cosmic horizon when it hits the peak of its enchanting crescendo.
Calgary, AB
The Suppliers
This Calgary-based powerhouse of grunge rock led by a female vocalist is sure to keep you actively jumping and stomping into the night. Their balls-out brand of punk-tinged tones will supply you with all the energy you will need to kick your summer into high gear. These head thrashing lyrics leave you thirsty for more of their heart pounding melodic transitions of thrasher-psych drumming crescendos of power pop.
Calgary, AB
Twin Voices
Twin Voices is an indie electro-folk project with roots in the Ottawa Valley and wings in Saskatoon and Montreal. Laura Beach crafts a dark and lovely sound with live looping of violin, voice, percussion and guitar. Her performance is equal parts stunning simplicity and playful complexity.
Ottowa, ON
White Ash Falls
As a former member of Yukon Blonde and Red Cedar, and a current sideman in Twin River, Vancouver-based songwriter Andy Bishop has dabbled in everything from heady psychedelia to ’70s-tinged rock and reverb-kissed roots music. His latest endeavour is White Ash Falls, and this project finds the seasoned singer finally embracing the timeless folk and country sounds that are closest to his heart.
Calgary, AB

2014 Artists

Kasia Koralewska
Kasia Koralewska is a textile-based artist and educator currently living in Calgary, Canada. She received her education at the Alberta College of Art & Design (mobility program 2007/2008) and Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland (MFA 2009). She presently teaches in the Fibre Program and Extended Studies at the Alberta College of Art & Design. Her artistic practice involves creating large-scale textile pieces, drawings and video installations. Her work has been exhibited in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Canada.
Calgary, AB
Kitty Lovenlight and Share the Love
Kitty Lovenlight was born and raised in a mushroom in the forest. She is most at home when surrounded by moss and foliage. As such, much of her inspiration is drawn from the shaded groves of home. Somewhat lost and forlorn in the city, she wanders the streets using found objects to create salutation pieces to the forests, hills and mountains where she herself feels found. Much of her work is a merging of natural and man-made form.
She has found a pack to run with, dubbed Pack Arts Co.,that seeks to expand, promote, inspire and unify the Calgary arts scene. The Pack has thrown 2 years worth of Share the Love parties which embody the Collective’s values. Kitty’s, and many other artists creations have been showcased at these events which are multi-arts galas, merging many different expressions. Her work was also showcased at 2013’s Frog Fest. The installations reflected the land and showed how humans imprint upon their environment.
This year some beautiful humans from the Share the Love crew have jumped on board to amplify the artistic (but sustainable) footprint of the visual art portion of the festival. Kitty is aided and abetted by Hayley Jane Sibbald whose aesthetic eye is as sparkly as her creations, and Allie McFarland a true blue member of the glitterati. Land art ho!
Calgary, AB
Nikki VonPanda
Nicole Emerson was born in Brandon Manitoba but raised in Calgary Alberta, where she found her inspirations for her future as a visual artist and received her BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a major in Sculpture. Primarily focusing on sculpture, installation and set design Nicole speaks about communicating her subconscious understandings and interpretations of the world around her through physical objects, collections and more.
“I experience life as a turbulent sea of sensory information that I am constantly swimming through, questioning my existence in this strange world that I am immersed in. By physically penetrating nature with synthetic objects, I attempt to break down the barriers of the organic and the fabricated. By representing these ideas through three-dimensional works I begin to try to communicate the inner workings of my mind to those who are equally as curious”
- Nicole Emerson AKA Nikki VonPanda

Calgary, AB
Tens Only
Tens Only as an ensemble. We are a group of artists, individuals and revolutionaries, Our music, art, stage show, bringing ideas, concepts, beliefs, genres, and all forms of art together to make a perfect medium for expression. Tens Only is not just a group of men that play various instruments each, that make new instruments, who do all of their own posters, album covers and art, but a group that brings from everywhere old and new ideas to bring the best in music, art and theatre, to push the limits and try everything out, and include other musicians and artists in our ranks
Calgary, AB