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Fostering a spirit of safety and community

FrogFest – Disclaimer

All guests attending FrogFest events choose to do so at their own risk. The Frogfest Music & Arts society is not responsible for any loss or harm incurred during the festival. It is crucial that you be aware of the necessary provisional requirements and safety procedures for all camping activities. Once on site, you must comply with the rules and directions of the event facilitators and their personnel.

The Frogfest Music & Arts Society is proud to foster a safe and natural environment for all festival productions. It is important to remember that FrogFest is an outdoor event, held in a densely wooded area that is subject to shifting  weather and natural conditions. Therefore precautionary rules and procedures are implemented to reduce the potential of any harm or hazards to all patrons, performers, and staff.


Throughout the duration of the function, FrogFest pledges to provide a safe, hygienic, insured, and monitored festival site curated on private land. It is up to you to act safely and appropriately towards yourself and our peers. Have fun, dance, make new friends, and look out for each other as we once again navigate this wonderful communal experience together, tucked away in this beautiful boreal forest.

FrogFest refuses to tolerate any harassment or discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, or physical ability… We love ALL of you =)