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Festival Guide


Camping at FrogFest

A walk-in tent campsite is included with every purchased festival pass. For RV and car camping sites, click HERE.

The camping experience is one of the more magical elements of FrogFest, and amongst the tall trees lies Tent City. You’ll wake up in the forest surrounded by friends, art, nature, and an incredible community vibe. Chances of a morning serenade are very strong.

This is the great outdoors, please come prepared (for an excellent time!) Here are some things to consider:

·       Bring cash, there is no ATM on site

·       Be well equipped for all types of weather, especially rain!

·       Supply your own drinking water and food 

·       Bring soap, and any toiletries (Port-o-Potties and hand washing stations are provided)

·       Bring mosquito spray (if desired), suntan lotion, and a hat

·       Bring tents, tarps, mattresses and all other camping necessities

·       Camping stoves ARE allowed (IF operated safely)

·       Stay Respectful, Stay Safe – There are staff, security, and volunteers to assist you if you need any help

General Guidelines

FrogFest is very proud, and very fortunate, to have had its attendees show exemplary respect and care for the land, each other, and themselves every single year. Our main goal is to make as small an impact on the environment as possible, and every year we are very happy when we leave the land looking better than ever after each fest.

Please read through these Guidelines and so you can be fully prepared and able to have the best possible festival experience. We can’t wait to see all you Froggies out there!


Don’t Beat Up the Bush

Poaching of firewood, including sticks on the ground and branches, is not allowed. This is one way that we can keep the festival’s impact on the land to a minimum. No rock-ring fires, fires are only allowed at the communal fire pit at the stage area and campsites with pre-existing pits. Attendees are welcome to bring their own firewood or purchase firewood on-site. In the case of a fire ban, fires will not be allowed.

Family Friendly

FrogFest is family friendly. Please do your part in staying respectful and aware of your surroundings.


Parking will be available along the road leading to the property. Please follow directives upon arrival.


These are the majestic Alberta Rockies, be responsible with your storage and disposal of food and garbage and recyclables.

Community Impact

FrogFest is possible each year due to its ongoing respectful relationship with the neighbours and Rockyview County. Please be considerate of surrounding areas and neighbours.


Dogs and other pets are welcome guests at FrogFest, under the owner’s discretion.  FrogFest is an “ON-LEASH AREA” and will require dogs to be on a leash at all times, no exceptions.

*Please consider whether your dog has aggressive tendencies – woof woof

Be Safe

It’s the great outdoors, so take care and look out for each other.

We’re Here To Help

In case of emergency report to a FrogFest Crew member, Security and Medical Staff, or a Volunteer. They will have lanyards on and be present throughout the festival. First-Aid kits and a Medical Team will be available.

What Not To Bring


Illegal Substances


Bad Attitudes